Key Design (Day 133)

Total hours: 148.000

Top three:

1) Database design for key management

Currently the database design treated the operator and sign in as one identity. This way it’s easier to add further authentication and ensures that there’s multiple authentication vectors for an operator.

Furthermore it’s a v shape. There’s authentication which points to an operator along with keys that point to an operator. This allows us to select the key that the operator has along with the authentication methods the operator has.

Ensuring beautifully simple code and reducing the N+1 problem which would otherwise plague the code.

2) Implementing Design Migration

I’m still struggling with this mightily but I’m making quite good progress today was about learning how to properly do ecto associations and play within it’s walled garden.

I had a friend discuss pronouns and I really like that concept. However that’s not currently relevant so I won’t pursue that further in this schema design.

3) Designing Admin Panel

This was just paper design but quite important.

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