Assine And Arguments (Day 113)

Total hours: 232.267

Top three:

1) Integrating Auth0 Signin

I got it working!!! It only took a few hours but I got it working before it stopped working 😢.

2) Auth0 Troubleshooting Redirection

It’s mysteriously redirecting w/o the domain part which is extremely confusing and I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong. The odd part is that I don’t think it’s a local issue (what I originally thought). Or an environmental issue because the environmental variables (when changed to ones that I can directly control) didn’t cause the issue to disappear at all. It’s extremely frustrating but I KNOW that I’ll figure it out!!!

3) Ecto reducing table complexity

I don’t have a good enough understanding of Ecto currently to use the associations properly. So I’m dropping to just a single table for now and in the future will reexpand to my original idea after I understood Ecto better.

I also took the time to properly use the seeding function so the database is properly seeded on the first run (in such a way that it’s idempotent)

Video Log

First video logg!!

Deepest apology for bad echo :(

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