Examining Elixir's Ecto (Day 99)

Total hours: 212.567

Top three:

1) Ecto Begin Reading

Ecto is the database/persistence layer which is extremely robust AND supports out of the box wonderful testing and other crucial capabilities including constraints, transformations and mappings.

It’s extremely powerful for rolling back and forward changes which is crucial for Gaya in the event that bad code is deployed or an update needs to be rolled back.

Depends on Elixir so I’m also reading up on Elixir.

2) Elixir Begin Reading

Reading Elixir and understanding data as a series of transformations instead of objects and operations on that object.

Transformations allow piping the operation along with exploiting the OTP feature. This allows in place upgrades without shutting down the system. Meaning that when I take advantage of this, Gaya will be able to pull off 0 downtime upgrades. (Downgrades I’m sure would also work since it’s still an ‘upgrade’ but in a different direction. Code wise it’s a fancy ‘diffing’ system of some kind).

3) Phoenix Begin Reading

Essential for the database layer and interacting the clients. It’s extremely powerful and leverages Elixir which allows access to some extremely cutting edge features right out of the box. The main one being Ecto and Elixir. The interaction with clients will be extremely simple at this point since the only ‘client’ will be Auth0.

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