DNS Troubleshooting and financial worries (Day 95)

Gaya (DNS Issue and troubleshooting)

Total hours: 209.050

Top three:

1) Digital Ocean Attempt for Wiki.js

This was ultimately fruitless but I learned alot about DNS and ended up hitting an issue that’s extremely difficult to solve and a known Node issue with http.get and ERRConnection.

I tried updated the DNS in several places (who knew that Ubuntu had soo many places that DNS was updated/cached?)

The reason that I was needing to update the DNS was that Digital Ocean’s DNS servers weren’t picking up my changes despite all the other major DNS providers picking up the changes.

I could have likely skipped over the code or did it in a runabout way but that’s really just pushing the issue for the next poor smuck who has to deal with it. For conventional hosting w/o HTTPS or behind a reverse proxy, no issues at all. However once HTTPS is included it somehow causes the wiki.js to freeze up because the Let’sEncrypt engine enters an infinite try and redo loop.

2) Falling back to premium Gitlab

I needed to move my stuff off of self hosting because there was a whole rigamarole in trying to see the documentation and updating it was even worse. Furthermore searching absolutely sucked and integrating a third party search solution just wasn’t cutting it.

The main issue is finances. I don’t have that much left of a safety buffer and considering the upcoming year will be an extremely dry financial year for Sapphire Pack, I need to ensure that I’m not overextending Sapphire Packs financial ‘runway’.

I’ll be able to sell some stuff to bring up more capital in the following months but that’s an avenue which I’ve almost exhausted. Working overtime to generate money that I can funnel into Sapphire Pack is a lose/lose situation. I’m having less hours to work on Gaya and I’m more exhausted meaning my work is substandard.

The main thing that I’ll need is have paying operators within the year of at least 20.00 worth so that I can keep the core systems running without dipping into runway money.

3) Amazon Startup Application

Applied for the Amazon startup credits which would give 5K in credits. This would massively help out in the early days and give a wonderful airbag in preventing issues.

Amazon is my choice mainly because it’s popular, has high level of capability and a pioneer in the cloud computing technology space.

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