Day 93


Total hours: 204.850

Top three:

1) Planning expectation of data revocation and networking

This is still quick limited. At this point there is no escrow key setup. If an operator losses access to their devices there is no mechanism currently for recovery. This is because browser data is class 2. This is a decision that I stand firmly by because that data is extremely private. I don’t want the risk of it falling into bad hands. No hands except your own should be trusted for that.

2) Wiki Cleanup

Cleaning up old ideas or ideas that I’m not gonna act on (like 2SSL) is one of the hardest things. I make the mistake of internalizing what’s on paper as what’s important. However while it’s an embodiment of what’s important. I’ll have the experience and that’s the most valuable thing that I can take further on.

3) Threat Scoping

This is quite difficult because I’m not sure exactly how the services are to grow. I don’t want pure organic growth because that causes a whole slew of issues. But it’s impossible to plan out the whole system now. So I’m doing a middle ground planning concept.

Plan for how I want the system in a year from now and work backwards in small steps.

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