Day 83


Total hours: 193.033

Top three:

1) Files Storage

It’s not a cloud storage provider, it’s a new way of synchronizing information instead of files. This makes it hundreds of times more complex because we’re not blindly syncing files but rather we have to understand the information, context and why it’s likely there and translate it and provide access in the correct context across all the operators devices.

2) Backup Consideration

Gaya won’t be responsible for backing up data. It shouldn’t be used as a backup service but in extremely dire situations may be able to offer some recovery. However this is extremely unlikely and depends on combination of retention policy, soon to be developed operator activity DNAing and other legal or local jurisdiction requirements.

Operator activity DNA’ing would be a privacy first that would monitor statistics via the cloud for the express intent of detecting on device anomalous behaviour.

Since Gaya isn’t designed as an antivirus what Gaya could do is put a transparent lock on that devices cloud file tree to allow the operator in the future to roll back to that point. The device itself could be completely wiped or files scrambled.

In the event that the Operator activity DNA flags a false positive then no harm done since the device is still writing to the cloud file tree. (Just that there’s a locked copy that will disappear within a year or less).

3) Federation

While federation is a powerful concept that is closely tied to P2P and decentralization. There is a host of further security, privacy and configurational issues. Some of the biggest privacy issues is routing. How do we route information from one operator to another one, without revealing if there’s enough space or when they were last on?? Based on the undeniable developing architecture that dictates that only the minimal amount of information is ever directly decryptable. There is still enough room within this information to uniquely fingerprint an operator.

This is where trust comes in, unlike ProtonMail and other companies that are based on the idea of ‘I can’t read it’. Sapphire Pack is based on responsible information usage, like a bank. There’s a reason that the majority of us still bank. It’s because when we bank. Banks assume liability. We’re no longer responsible for the money, they are.

Gaya is a mixture of the two. The best of both, a hybrid solution. Being extremist to one degree or another is dangerous. That’s thinking black and white. In absolutes.

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