Day 34 Defined TLS Health System with a clear Success/Failure indicator

What I did: Defining a single script that outputs the first line that gives at a glance status for the entire system. (Red/Yellow/Green).

Time spent: 75.783


Transfer testing to using JSON. Easier and now able to pinpoint exact error. Furthermore more portable and not using a weird file.

Tests are generated dynamically during runtime along with using NX caching capability meaning only the changed projects actually run. Currently 100 cryptographic tests take approximately 3.1 seconds.

Tenatively began looking into multi core testing but realized it was pre optimization issue.x

Cleanup old git stash that's no longer needed for kyber

TLS certificate testing
Using Semvar and library detection so that if script fails it provides a very clear guide for what needs to be done to fix things.

Have a warning for certificates that have imminent vs near expiration.

Setup and define health system
1) Check TLS certificates and remind to renew for local gaya and message and notify 30 days and again 15 days before.

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