Day 28 TLS and odd jobs

What I did: A bunch of odd jobs

Time spent: 67.167


I had issues with CertBot so I discovered and used ZeroSSL. I had to first host the subdomain directly on SapphirePack to allow the certificate issue to work. Then after the ACME challenge was generated and passed I generated the certificate and then setup DDNS.

I tested it and it worked out!!! This is very big news because it saves me close to 500 or more dollars and also allows some special network setup which allows the server to act as a local backup, git server and the production server all in one (remember we're on a very tight budget here).

I'm also dealing with some issues with my provider which is frustrating but I'm remaining kind and considerate. :)

I also built a domain and reliance map so that I can see where the weakpoints in my architecture is along with how things are organized.

Finally I learned how git stash worked and began developing an organizational health bot. This bot provides a simple 'Yes/No' answer to tell me if everything is working as expected or if there are issues. Having a single Green/Red thing means that issues such as TLS, DNS and other messups are caught within the hour instead of days. Hopefully in most cases the bot can automate the solution or at least provide the printed out steps to fix the issue just like Phoenix framework does.

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