Day 16 Public and Private Keys

What I did: Researched public and private key system for over the air and quantum resistant key crypto
Total time: 53.033

Looked at DHole again for NIST-Finalists for Post Quantum crypto.

Here is the current realizations:

1) Need to negotiate a secure tunnel using Public/Private Key system that can resist quantum attacks.

2) The session once derived can use XChacha20-poly1305 which even using Grovers Algorithm gives 128 bits of security which is 'enough' for current day.

3)In the future since 2/3 finalists algorithms have a non zero decryption probability AND since these files stored in the cloud will be copies of files stored on said device, we can just ask the device to reupload the file that it failed to decrypt. However as Dhole mentioned 2-120 to 2-170 is quite dismissible for real world security.

Figuring out how to use the library. Submitted patches for the code. Nothing impressive moved some code around to fix scoping issues when converting all code for the 768 bit version to use let instead of 'var' and ''.

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