Tribalism or 60 days till Fenir or Day 4/?? for Spaceship me or 131/365


What is tribalism? Tribalism is the idea that your group of people and their beliefs are the right one. It's quite useful because it allows us to cooperate, work and play with people we've never seen before. It's what allows international travel, money to work among other things. Now that we're moving into the stage in humanity where a person is part of multiple tribes without even realizing.

Here are some typical tribes you're in:

  • Your country
  • Your families history + family
  • Your friends
  • Other tribes such a sports, sex interests, interests, political and such

These tribes are very powerful for one reason:

You're told what to believe and what to like and dislike.

This is actually necessary in part because if every single person had to mull over everything from fiber to wear to if it's ethical for X to occur, we'd improve at a slower pace or possibly stall entirely. Is stalling a bad thing? I don't know. But for the sake of this post we'll assume it is.

In other words tribalism is good up to a point. Where it fails is when a person just rely on their tribes values and stop thinking in all manners for themselves.

Think for yourself but only up to a certain point, trust the tribe the rest of the way.


SSC do you know what that means? It means Safe, Sane and Consensual. It's a tenet of safe BDSM and sex in general.

I'm like a new pup, where I'm applying that word to everything I can just so that I lay the necessary circuits in my mind.

So what does Safe, Sane and Consensual mean? The last two words are pretty self explanatory but the first one needs to be expanded on.

Safe doesn't just mean intercourse protection or that the person is safe. It also means constant communication along with after care. What is after care? It's making sure the person who participated in the scene is taken care of. Different people need different aftercare.

Safe means making sure the person gets the right after care. Only then are they really safe.


Today I planned the rest of the week in terms of what basic activities I'll need to do in terms of indexing, organizing and items to eject before moving.

Curvalicious Stage 1

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is showing my care by thoughtful small gifts to my special people. I'm like a pleasure dom except for me it extends waaaaay past just sex. I really enjoy caring for and making sure that people are cared for.

So I'm not sure if I've talked about Curvalicious so I'll give you a quick rundown:

Curvalicious is a short term project with three stages.

Stage 1 I completed. Stage 2 and 3 are scheduled for later this month.

So what exactly is Curvalicious? A mental care package targeting one of my core friends.

Stage 1 was a handwritten letter that contained 5 memories that we shared as a reminder of the good times we had and will have in the future, along with chocolate which the love. It's not so much how much but rather the thoughts and the care that went into prepping the package.

Curvalicious has a secondary not totally unexpected side effect, I'm forced to focus on someone else instead of being stuck inside my head. Furthermore I feel really good because I know that it's really helping. The mental care package requires having to know and recall memories that I forgot which enables me to better commit what's important for them and deepen the friendship.

Spaceship me

I'm doing quite well, I lent my Endurance to a cf and the fact that I didn't think twice showed how much I trust them.


I took today off.

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