64 days till Fenir Completion or 126/365 or Day 9 of Hybrid Love


This is quite exciting, I'm moving! I've outgrown where I'm living. I'm a different creature, one that I look at in the mirror most days and say 'You sexy bitch' or 'You look beautiful' or 'Ready?'.

Before I valued being away and growing up, I didn't place a high priority on what became a critical support network and now that Covid is coming again, I'm needing to switch housing so that my critical support network can continue to support me. More importantly wherever I end up going to, I'm going to look forward to having a separate place for work and sleep.

Unlike last time I moved where I barely knew anything, now I know alot more such as:

1) Address changing
2) Object movement and optimization
3) Preping from moving from one house to another where things such as walls and such are a concern to the tenant.

I really don't like white walls because they show everything, there were countless times that I leaned back or stretched with a pen and then 'shit' I ended up marking up the wall.

There's going to be some fun experiments to run such as optimizing the food depletion rate, making sure I have enough money to complete the jump and optimizing delivery process in terms of what is sent at what stage.

Change doesn't scare me, alright change still does, but the thrill of doing what feels right or leaving behind what's wrong is more than enough to compensate.

Hybrid Love

Just some code care today.

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