The beauty of SN or 125/365 or Day 8 of HybridLove

Standard Note's Beauty

The beauty of Standard Notes hereby denoted w/ love as SN2 is a critical masterpiece in today's world.

Not only has the code been audited, the code, how it's been written and it's balance between readability vs verboseness, coupling vs abstraction, future proofing and upgrading vs modern requirements. All of these have been balanced to a degree that I'm as a novice have realized how much I don't know.

Take this fragment here:

const sessionResponse = await = this.refreshSession();

return sessionResponse;
} else {

Furthermore when there is an issue with session expirery the requests flow like such:

if error
Return response

This is something that I've only read 5 or 6 times and it's already locked into my mind. It has just the right level of detail. It reads like a book, if this was a book it would compete with the works of a modern phenomenal writer, not tied down by dogma or belief in only one way of doing things.

The code flows and will break rules when needed, in that case it's perfect because each layer selectively reveals cracks or not, not purely plastering over and forcing everything thru their own redundant API's. The code is written as something that grew, but as it grew many people really cared, stressed and actually spend lots of time thinking and planning. It's a wonderful piece of code that I'm only around 16% or so thru reading.

Something I've been stuck with is how future proof should it be? SN solves that in many elegant ways from a method like 'supportedProtocols()' to groundwork for API versioning and endpoint management.

This allows the system to balance now and the future.

If you haven't read their privacy manifesto or their longevity statement, I urge you to.

However words are shit unless it's backed by consistent, uninterrupted, dedicated and earnest action.

SN has never failed to do that. SN's security has remained steadfast, their code, protocols and everything in between modern, usable and easy to start and build. They don't hide behind technicalities in legal documents like the AGPL. They embrace it fully and at a level that makes me have complete confidence in their infastructure.

Anything that I really really care about is stored either in 4 places or in SN.

Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, OS2 all may change or fade. However SN's gonna be here for decades at the very least.

The person who founded SN is a visionary. Someone who truly saw something that none of us had the courage to bring to a reality. Not only in idea, but execution. when it came time to scale up operations, I didn't notice a degrading in quantity or the loss of the 'mom and pop store feel'.

SN unlike Evernote, Microsoft and many other products, you really feel that you're heard. There are not legions of people designed to prevent you from speaking to the developers or missing support. I purchased a 5 year subscription of SN and am eager to continue my support with them.

SN has become beautiful because it's changing but I'm no longer scared with how it's changing. Each and every change that SN has done has been well thought out and while making the code more complicated, the interface from feel to style smoother, more focused and just beautiful.

SN if you're a religion, can I join?

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