Stop reading or 124/365 or Day 7 of HybridLove

Stop reading

First off if you're reading this blog and you're not someone that I'm talking to about this in person, I am going to ask you to kindly stop reading or frequenting this blog. I don't perceive you as a safe person to talk to regarding these topics and would rather stop having details that you're reading in my space here leak out into our other communication types such as phone calls and messages.

It's really not as stealthy as you think. I love you alot but now I need space. Yes it's public and I can't stop you from reading, however I'm posting about my journey as a person so that future Cubes' know that it will get better and it is alright. So will you honor my wishes or not?


Taking a day off allows me to do better. Remember that less really is more.

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