Gaya Concept or 122/365 or Day 5 of HybridLove

Gaya Concept

Gaya is the idea of creating a digital ecosystems that are varied with a wide variety of inhabitants that all exist on a series of mutual trust.

Ideas are taken from Genetics, Nature and trust architecture of the natural ecosystems.


I've noticed that our networks, operating system and protocols are increasingly getting specific and we're relying on a small group of well intentioned people to provide protection and proof of security for our digital environments. I don't believe that any small number of people can ever adequately protect a large group of people (close to 4 billion).

Therefore Gaya reexamines the concept of persistence as a feature or as a bug. When you install some software and then you uninstall that software leaves crud, crud that accumulates and ultimately leads to a lot of hard to diagnose issues. Nature avoids these issues by using a decomposition strategy such as ants and other decomposers. Imagine if everything was constantly at risk at being 'anted', we'd need something that provides protection against things that shouldn't be considered 'dead'. A simple boolean flag by a programmer is a bad idea, then ever programmer would just set everything to alive.

This is where the concept of networks and mold come into existance. Flowers and grass exist for a short period of time in northern climates, but they come back. Mycelium can transmit information effortless between trees. Information that should stay around longer like your taxes or a memory logg the 'mold' spreads to other ecosystems (think friend's devices). Togeather your devices form a forest, where each device is a tree.

Now forest fires happen, this is a good way to prevent pests and other things from overrunning and provide a reset opportunity for the forest. Imagine that if your 'tree' burned down other trees could restore your memories (read important data). In the event that a virus or some other dangerous digital threat occurs trees can send out warning messages to other trees and in real time detail the attacks and attempted/failed countermeasures and possibly leading to that tree's self suicide. However since there really is one massive organism death of trees are natural and even encouraged.

Forests are better when there are different trees in forest. Imagine if tree's are based on the operating system and series of other attributes. Leading to a massive biodiverse forests.

Forests can be linked togeather in a loose fashion and provide the ability transmit information between groups. In otherwords we want Open tribealism. Just because a tree is part of a massive forest doesn't mean it can directly touch or should be able to touch a tree 1023 miles away. However if something happens in that area, knowing about it is a good way to get it's affairs in order and prepare it's defenses.

Finally, as someone who wants to share a more intimate digital environment with my friends this provides the capability to decentralize storage, protection and adaption to a point that there is alot of competition between forests. The best types of forests will exist and other forests will exist. They will wax or wane and perhaps go extinct however hopefully we'll move away from a single homogeneous network into a more heterogeneous networks.


Today was thinking about how to go about implementing the UI and discovering a major flaw in my thinking. That is something that would look quite clean would break the 'make it an automatic habit' for pushing.

I don't really like much branding and want to take an SN approach to branding so I'm figuring out how to leave the blank space without it being too obvious. Maybe something like '365 Secrets' where Orcawolf Secrets is currently stored?

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