Changing UI or 121/365 or Day 4 of HybridLove

Orcawolf Secrets

I've received a request to make the mobile UI only show two buttons instead of 3 to increase click ease.

This is an extremely valid request but I looked at it, I brainstormed and I asked for help and now I come to a hard decision:

1) How unhappy would people (if any are using this extension) become with a change that was was requested by a individual?
2) How happy would people become with this change that was voiced by an individual but wanted by many?

I need data but I won't invade people's privacy. Looking at access logs shows only myself having accessed the extension which isn't surprising but doesn't match up with the fact of someone else asking for change to the UI. Correction after looking at awstat's in Greengeeks Geeks I see the following:

Around 38 visitors which makes sense. I love the fact that people are actually distrustful with around 10% directly testing the extension at

Okay enough playing around with data. I now know the following:

1) There are around 38 people who has used the extension at least once.
2) Of those people one has mentioned an issue with the UI
3) Orcawolf Secrets I am going to Undeprecate within 90 or so days
4) The next big endevour with Orcawolf Secrets will be setting up a Bitwarden relay server w/ split secrets.
Split secrets allows some secrets to never leave StandardNotes at all. When one setups Orcawolf in the future you have option to make the Orcawolf secrets connected (opt in) or fully offline (default). Connected means you'll use Bitwarden and have your passwords work everywhere Bitwarden has an app for. Offline means you get kickass privacy and security (security so good that I trust SN w/ all my secrets).

I have a few options here:

1) Do nothing (kinda hard since I know that the UI isn't good for mobile and some are using the app on mobile)
2) Do a small change (patch in a small fix such as a css selector or something. In otherwords adding to the technical debt that Orcawolf already carries)
3) Do a large change (Bigger UI change so that buttons span entire screen with text on the top. Doesn't add to technical debt but bound to upset some clients)

I'm going to go with option 3 and do a minor UI revision that will make the buttons bigger on mobile but normal size on non mobile.

So I'm going to redefine HybridLove to just be this change in Orcawolf Secrets. This is a good step for where I want to go and it's morphing into something that I'll be using full time. I'm not dog fooding it myself yet since I'm missing a permission outline and have an idea that will have the extension span many notes as one 'massive' notes. The idea is in the event that that you can't load the extension, you'll still be able to access everything using either Tokenvault and just plain text.

Ghost in the code

I'm tired of being emotionally overloaded. Imagining how the emotional and mental wound looks like if it was physical would make me alot more gentle. Just because it's not physical doesn't mean it's not bound by the laws of physics and cellular regeneration along with a host of other complicating factors such as overall stress duration, stress immersion , suitability of environment, external energy drain, perceived safety...

The hardest part isn't the emotions which are plenty and come in a many unique setups such as anxiety with a touch of guilt and worry, or self loathing and a bit of frustration. I've setup scripts and safety measures, if it was a physical wound I would be applying the salve and making sure that I wasn't picking at the wound or overstraining. However I've been bad at that, I'm still picking the wound because I'm allowing people to call me by my legacy dead name. I'm not that person that person wouldn't recognize who I am, even though I see with much honour, love and compassion whom I was. There's no reason to keep picking the scab, overall I still have times I want to pretend none of this occurred. However that would be just delaying the inevitable. I had a growing sense of disconnection and brewing disgust and flickering moments of disquiet that I couldn't place the cause on. "‎Ghosts of our Fathers (Snowprint Remix)" is a good song to try and capture this collective plea between myself and myself.

Today when I was messaging a core friend I noticed that I was tired about being emotionally overloaded. "I just wish I knew when it was done". However when I tallyed what I changed in an extremely short period of time it's a "well duh silly hug whatcha expect?".

Workaholism removal
Identity implementation
Furry and Sexual rediscovery
Other things as well

Overall I've learned to stop ignoring myself and burying myself in work and under who I perceived myself to be. Deluding from myself my lack of awareness and that I was still figuring things out and was so worried about uncertainty that I allowed myself to settle and mask that mistake by routine and self discipline. The self is changing and who I am now is not who I'll likely be in even a year. However this monumental shift by clearing away who I wasn't so I could create who I was. I'm not depending on anyone else, I'm getting to decide who I am, who I am and who I am not.

This is actually exciting now that I think of it. Now I have some "‎The Monsters Under My Bed (Techno Cinema Remix)" that I must attend to.

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