Freezing or 120/365 or Day 3 of HybridLove

I'm coming back from camping today. I made several key mistakes:

1) I managed to forget any extra layers. I'm still marveling at how. Granted I was in a rush and I packed my bag within 5 minutes but still how.

2) Without any extra layers I was quite cold making me susceptible to colds and other goodies that I really don't want.

3) I failed to check the weather on Friday and therefore didn't pack any gloves for my hands.

I'm doing a post mortem for the camp likely tomorrow where I'll make sure these mistakes don't occur again. However regardless of this, the camp was a complete success. I shook off the old mental ruts for the most part, realigned what I want in my core spheres:

Spend time with friends, followed by exploration of self and environment.

Work 0:
I want to work at Standard Notes. The first step is make sure that my personal training projects align with what Standard notes is doing along with maintaining trajectory shifts that SN takes so that I'm perfect come time to apply.

Work 1.1:
I'm quite frustrated where I work sometimes based on things such as 45 minute conversation for a person to just admit they can't help me and that I'll need to figure it out. A core friend noticed I'm getting gray hair because of it. That's not alright at all. So I'm working on currently doing the job for the money and not the passion. Not allowing the chaos of others cause me chaos. Taking the 'I'll be done when I'm done philosophy'.

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