Day 59/365 or day 16/28 for Singing Phoenix

What I accomplished today

  • Planning on transitioning over to self hosted IT infastructure for Sapphire Pack content management and delivery. [120]
    This would allow easy managmenet and steps to what I need while at the same time having the data controlled by people I trust with very clear privacy policies.

    This is an important step since I'm going to move more into a Zed. A. Shaw type of content distribution which I believe is only fair.

Singing Phoenix

I tried and tried and only got very little progress today. That's expected since I've been praticing for 24 days straight now. Future projects will require a day off weekly. I need time to rest.

Infinite time at my age response to @MemoryRepository

We would spend that time caring for others, deepening my friendship and working slightly less. Since we have infinite amount of time we would get involved in the following open source projects and become extremely proficient in them:

  • Qubes OS
  • Standard Notes
  • Linux

We would also spend alot more time with my friends and make new friends. We recently had to decline to friendships because we didn't have enough time to add two new friendships and maintain the quaility of the friendships we currently have.

As much as learning forever would be, we'd want to make something out of it. We'd want to continue to help and to share. So infinite education while appealing won't help, in fact may lead to decision paralysis and inability to actually make big decisions.

So overall we'd spend time involved in the OS (Open Source) community, make and maintain friendship and share what we learn.

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