Day 56/365 or day 13/28 for Singing Phoenix

What I accomplished today

  • Working on module 2 [120]
    Did research and planning along with consolidating preexisting assets.
    Module 2 is going to be the most comprehensive how to do deep work that I've yet had the honour to produce.
    This will be the major part of the course, perhaps even the best part of the course where all the other modules are supporting and expanding on content discussed in module 2.

    This module answers the difficult question of "How to do deep work".

Singing Phoenix

Well I listed to myself sing and it's still cringe inducing. However I'm proud because I can actually listen to it without needing to click the stop button. That's progress!

For the hour I did today I ended up:
Pitch I: Basic Tuning and Intonation FINISHED
This course was teaching about tuning, comparing pitches across instruments.

Aural Recall
Remembering relative pitch differences and matching with same pitch sequence using another instrument.

I ended my session using

I realized that the song that I'm singing has actually two types of beats at least and that is something that I learned by watching the art being created.

We have so many senses, I realized the greatest gift we can give for whatever we are doing is involve all the senses. I learned that the art rendered in real time from the music allowed me to pickup on two different types of beats. There must always be a way to involve or represent something using a different sense, if there isn't them you should create a way then.

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