Day 55/365 or day 12/28 for Singing Phoeix

What I accomplished today

  • Workingo on module 1 [120] Now that I've begun working on a single 5 course module, I know it's the right decision. I was first worried that since I wasn't putting in enough "features" that it was going to be worthless. However the best whatever is designed to do one thing and one thing only: -Veracrypt -Standard Notes <3 (Heart unoffically added) -Qubes OS

I'm going to become phenominal at deep work, I'm already good. But I'm going to become dangerously good, so good that every minute of the content is packed with purely useful, meaninful and actionable information.

Singing Phoenix

Skipped for today,

Don't mistake love for just true acceptance

I want to tell you a story about Lyko and Vinx.

Lyko has people who do are not actually understanding and belive it's all an act or self deception.

Vinx is Lyko's friend and actually fully accept Lyko for who they are and help them settle more into themselves. In face Vinx is the first person who really understand Lyko.

It can be understood how Lyko mistakes the pure acceptance and actually feeling like they don't have to hide anything, this feeling is so freeing and Lyko mistakes this for love, it really is a kind of love, but not a romantic love that Lyko mistakes it to be.

However Vinx understands and helps Lyko understand.

If you are Lyko's parents or anyone who doesn't actually understand the worse thing you can do is tell them that they're lying or pretending. That damages Lyko more than you even can realize.

Saying nothing is better than saying something.

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