Day 50/365 or day 8/28 for Singing Phoenix

What I accomplished today

  • Pricing research and curriculum redesign [110] Researching how much I should charge along with redesigning curriculum to become much more denser than I thought possible. I've also dropping it down into a 5 hour course instead of the 7.5 hour course that I first planned earlier on today.
  • Verifying workstation shipment details and tracking [10]

Singing Phoenix

Skipped today. I'll make it up tomorrow.

Self fulfilling prophecies

The name says it all. These are things that we tell ourselves (usually) we don't want to happen and it somehow always ends up happening!

What causes these self fulfilling prophecies? For example do you notice the people who often rush around as though they don't have any time often actually run out of time quicker than those of us who say we have enough time? How about those who say they don't want any drama in their life, yet every day seems to be another episode?

There is a difference between self fulfilling prophecies and failure. Both end up culminating in a negative success but in the self fulfilling prophecies, the person already set themselves up to loose from the get-go.

Are you living in any self fulfilling prophecies? I don't think I am, I think I was trying to mimic someone else's' course design way too closely because of how much I admire them. My failure that I realized yesterday was just a failure, not a self fulfilling prophecy.

But every time we do fail, we should ask ourselves:

"Did we actually give ourselves a chance to succeed or did we doom ourselves from the start?"

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