Day 49/365 or day 7/28 for Singing or Session 1/12 for Project Whitefang

What I accomplished today

  • Finalize the parts for the workstation [120] Took aloot longer than I wanted to, I saught the advice from an expert which had major changes regarding the graphics card. Went over budget slightly but I'll recuperate that by cutting back on other expenses.

Singing Phoenix

It was a slow day, I managed to pratice singing but nothing really to write about.

Project Whitefang

I managed to get Facebook setup and discovered a group that would be helpful except not located in my area, so I contacted and asked them if they knew such organizations in my area.

On fucking up

This hurts when you've put alot of work into something but realize you've begun to stray from where you wanted to be. I want to provide really good quality education. This means that my information needs to all the way come from research. Right now I'm really sad because I've put so so much effort into designing this magnificent course. However for my launch date I won't be able to provide the quality of education I really want which means that I'm going to have to make the hard decisions of what to cut. I really wanted to make it so that this was a one stop course to really learn everything about deep work, the inhibitors and the enablers, what to do and what not to. How to properly optimize yourself without going off the deep end.

I'm not sure what to cut now, it just hurts because I'll loose some content I really wanted to include. However this is better for the learner because instead of providing a massive 55 lesson package, I can provide more of a 16 lesson package and teach for 30 minute increments. Furthermore, I'll be able to better guide my continued research into what people really need instead of assuming what they want.

Well, I'm happy that I discovered that now instead of later because then I'd have less chance to correct and improve the course. Finally I think teaching in depth instead of 15 or less minute chunks is better because it's honouring what deep work, which is sustained attention.

It hurts alot though. But this ultimately leads to a better product.

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